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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use this site to find drivers?

We strongly suggest that new users review our Beginner's Guide. This guide contains lots of tips and suggestions that will help you use our site more effectively, and find the right driver for your needs. To find drivers, we recommend that you follow these steps: First figure out what company makes your device, then go to the appropriate Company Info Page. Try the company website links listed on that page to see if they have the driver you need. The company website is usually the best place to find the latest driver updates. If no success, and you are running Windows 98SE or greater, then you should try This is Microsoft's official site for driver distribution. Their site will scan your system and attempt to find driver updates. If you still can't find your driver, then try searching our driver resources page. You can do this from the Company Info Page, or from our Driver Archive Search Page. If you still can't find it, you may try posting a request on our driver request board.

What if I don't know the company of my device?

Sometimes the name listed on your device is not the company. If you don't know the company, check your device for an FCC ID number. Then go to our FCC ID search to find out who manufactures it. Another approach is to try searching our driver database using the model number (or part of that number).

What if the company of my device is not listed in your database?

Please let us know the company name and any other information you have. Be sure you have checked our entire list of companies. Be sure to check our driver archive, since there may be some drivers for companies not yet listed in our company database. You can request the driver on our driver request board, and/or check our other driver resources.

What if I can't find the driver I need?

Make sure you have checked the company page and searched our driver archive. If you still can't find the driver you need, you can submit a request on our driver request board. But please make sure you have attempted to search for the driver first!

Where can I find dll, vdx, and !directX files?

Utilities for searching for those file types are listed on our driver resources page. Also, some files with these extensions can be found in our driver resources page.

Once I find my driver, how do I download it?

To download a driver from DriverGuide, click on the green "Download Now - DriverGuide Secure Download" button. You should save the file somewhere on your hard disk. We recommend you create a folder for the file. For more tips and pointers on downloading and installing, try our Download & Install section of the Beginner's Guide.

I have downloaded the driver I need, now how do I install it?

There is usually a file called SETUP.EXE, INSTALL.EXE, or INSTALL.BAT, usually double-clicking on this file will start the installation procedure. For more tips and pointers on downloading and installing, try our Download & Install section of the Beginner's Guide.

My driver has the extension ZIP, EXE, INF, or SIT? What do I do with it?

A ZIP file is usually a few different files compressed into one to make downloading easier and faster. You will need a Zip program like WinZip or TurboZip to extract the files. An EXE file is a self-extracting file. Double clicking on the EXE file will extract the files and put them in the same directory. An INF file is part of a driver installation, and is only useful as part of a package. A SIT program is most commonly associated with Macintosh files and is similar to ZIP. To extract, you will need a program called Stuffit Expander. For more tips and pointers on downloading and installing, try our Download & Install section of the Beginner's Guide.

What if I can't get my driver to work, or fix the problem I have?

You can ask for help on our driver request board. We provide incentives for our staff and other members to help you out. For more tips and pointers on troubleshooting, try our Troubleshooting section of the Beginner's Guide.

I found a bad link on your site, how do I report it?

Report any bad links, or other problems with the site using our feedback form.

I found a problem with a driver that was uploaded, how do I report it?

Report any driver problems using our feedback form.

Now that I have joined DriverGuide, will I receive SPAM?

Absolutely not! Read our privacy statement. We periodically send out a member newsletter (no more than 4 per year) to those who gave us permission, but nothing else. If you have any problems or concerns about privacy or spam, please contact us and we will respond immediately.

How do I unsubscribe from DriverGuide?

If you would like to unsubscribe, use our unsubscribe form.

How do I upload a driver to your site?

Use our upload utility.

I like this site, how can I help out?

This site sucks, who do I complain to?

You can submit a complaint using our feedback form. We read all complaints and take them very seriously. Your feedback will help us to improve this site.

I'm having membership or login problems, what should I do?

Please try our Account Locator or use our Login Trouble Report Form.

I paid for a Premium Membership, is there a refund policy?

We offer a Risk Free, 30 day money back guarantee. To request a refund, simply contact us.

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