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Our users are often kind enough to share their words of thanks and support. The words mean more than we can adequately express. Most importantly it encourages us, to work harder to build an even better site, an even better resource for our members. Thank you all. We read and appreciate all your feedback. We always like to hear from you, so share your comments.

    The best driver site I have tried and beleave me there are a lot out there "Basiclly its a one stop driver shop" you can if you want try the manufactures web site first but personally I would try Driver Guide first. Paul Brace.
   chilledoutpau@86.141.x.x / May 22nd 10:56:38
    best drivers
   anonymous@118.101.x.x / August 4th 10:44:12
    Driversguide is the best site out there for finding and downloading drivers. I have downloaded
about 5 maybe six drivers mostly for digital cameras and they have all installed quite easily
and they have all worked great. No problems!! I have recommended this site to quite a few friends and they all say the same thing, DRIVERSGUIDE is the best. Keep up the good work!!

   debpordo@24.20.x.x / May 9th 18:37:03
    love this site i can always find the driver i need
   hardybrian91@216.118.x.x / October 2nd 19:18:25
    que tal driver guide les agradezco mucho, todo su apoyo ya que gracias a ustedes e aprendido bastante de como instalar los driver y otros programas que ustedes amablemente nos transfieren por medio de su pagina de antemano quedo agradecido
   copier212@189.231.x.x / October 2nd 08:43:35
    I love You folks have helped me out so many times. Keep up the good work.
I have been a member
for over 4 years. Thanks again Billy computer tech.

   battosainocgi@222.124.x.x / September 20th 17:58:06
    Spent most of 3 days looking for an audio driver for my GX280. Took 14.95 And 15 minutes to get it here. I'm a member for life. Thanks
   michaelghor@98.27.x.x / September 10th 21:56:48
    Thanks guys once again you have come up with the goods, been a member since 2004 and you haven't let me down once.
   tonyseascal@86.131.x.x / September 2nd 15:48:01
    Thank you so very much in finding a solution to a driver problem which I found on your forum
   arthurboulto@82.42.x.x / April 11th 17:21:22
    I was looking strongly for an old video driver for my old notebook IBM 760. Now, I could find all files needed at your homepage. I am very very satified and I say "thank you". (I don't speak English very good)
   a.willine@92.106.x.x / November 11th 10:06:04
    I would like to thank Jerry K for a tip he posted back in '05, I think. It was a small programme to help the computer to 'see' the CD/DVD drive. I had spent the morning trying to do this, with a complete lack of success (because my corrupted driver was up to date, I could not obtain an update!).

I came across Jerry K's tip, downloaded the programme, ran it (with some trepidation)and BINGO, there was my CD/DVD drive again, working perfectly.

It's so kind of people like you, Jerry K, to spend time trying to solve other people's problems, and I am one very grateful teacher who can now carrying on preparing interesting lessons, thanks to you!

Kind regards,


   Tambrosia@92.12.x.x / May 17th 14:35:25
    I sure truely thank your site for help. I am not a big supporter of driver detective, registry and others you have to pay money for. I am a single father of four daughter at 11,11,14,and 17. My budget is tight and can usually find drivers and downloads for free without helpers like detectives and such, but your company even though trying to sell me stuff I can not afford or don't want has helped me out with patience and do care about the consumer(us) and just like to say I will be back for your help and expertise but will not deal with uniblue, driver detective, or any other annoying companies like those. They are just like pop ups and are invading our privacy. I will be seeing and ordering directly from Driver Guide and hope you do well in this ecomonmy, I will be passing your address on to family and friends since they are like myself, will not deal with annoying sites like uniblue, driver detective and others like it. sound like a broken record but those companies DRIVE me away. They fix on my registry like a trucker and the road HMMMMM. Talk with you soon and thank you! Marty Scot
   ms_wilkinso@76.104.x.x / May 15th 04:22:25
    I installed a sound device driver...and minutes later, I could finally hear sounds from the computer! Thank you! Quick and easy to use!
   anonymous@24.105.x.x / February 10th 17:22:47
    Your site is excellent and the quality of drivers is, in some cases, better than those downloaded from the manufacturer site.
Your work is fantastic. Congratulations...!!!
Jorge - Buenos Aires - Argentina

   jorge@190.190.x.x / September 29th 08:00:54
    For many years now I have relied upon DriverGuide to get me out of trouble and they have always come to the forefront with really excellent access to the latest and even
the oldest Drivers when I needed them...Thank You very much for making this possible.

   jobale@121.221.x.x / September 9th 18:53:33
    downloaded and installed driver for lancard RPTI EP401 V2-6 on a Gateway laptop 2150 (Win98SE). Thanks very much -does work instantly

   anonymous@92.200.x.x / August 8th 10:51:10
    The most comprehensive collection of drivers and resources availible on the internet. The simple ad feature is more than worth the time. Thank you, Driver Guide. Thank you.
   billsplivin@66.44.x.x / June 24th 10:35:41
    Thanks to your site I got my sound back. Cheers.
   jajdud@119.149.x.x / June 7th 13:52:04
    I downloaded and installed drivers for the Accton EN 1207D network card, the Soundblaster CT 5801 sound card, and the HP Deskjet 712C printer. They all work great. This old HP Pavilion 4540 w/ Windows 98 is up and running again thanks to you! You guys have a great site and provide a great service. Thanks again.

   anonymous@206.123.x.x / May 12th 11:04:51
    Thank you:
I spent hours attempting to find the appropriate driver from my Shuttle PC. The manufacture was no help but by viewing a few ads I was able to my computer working again.

I will recommend this site to anyone having driver issues.

   anonymous@63.230.x.x / May 2nd 13:02:28
    I would just like to say thank You all very much for making it possible to download CT4780 soundcard driver... i will examine your site more closely and do what i can to support your site...


Stephen Rea
Carlow town

   stephen_m_re@78.137.x.x / April 16th 18:15:34
    I think this site is wonderful it fixed my sound problem....:)
   sockadoo@66.190.x.x / October 17th 22:03:50
    Thanks to DriverGuide I could fix a USB storage drive problem with a desktop that I am very happy.
Thanks again........

   ramanatha@221.134.x.x / October 6th 06:43:48
    I must state how much I appreciate DGTK (Driver’s Guide Toolkit) and the program designer. I encountered a problem with DGTK. Rather that just blowing it off, I was answered promptly, was offered to attempt to run multiple diagnostic programs (at least 10 or more) until the problem was ultimately diagnosed and corrected. Throughout all this JR (the program author) remained patient, concerned, attentive and responsive, and above all professional. I would not hesitate to recommend this program, the company, and virtually anything they present. Feel free to contact me regarding further details or clarification if necessary, and feel free to publish this testimonial as you deem appropriate.
Richard S. Baer

   rdbae@71.252.x.x / September 18th 19:02:57
    Thank you so much!! I could not find the software to load my hp photosmart 1115 printer due to fact that hp no longer offers support for windows me. Thus leaving
me without a printer. A friend recommended I visit your web site,and I couldn't believe it,there it was MY SOFTWARE AND DRIVERS for download. worked perfect!!
Once again, THANK YOU !!

   CCDEG@66.169.x.x / September 8th 10:59:54
    Incredible! I was looking for a canyon webcam driver for more than 6 months! Even on Canyon site doesn't have it!
I found it here in 2 minutes!


   bernardo.porto.portuga@88.157.x.x / May 17th 21:06:25
    I love You folks have helped me out so many times. Keep up the good work.
I have been a member
for over 4 years. Thanks again Billy computer tech.

   actio@216.105.x.x / April 17th 20:41:53
    To DriverGuide Team,

I just would like to say "Thank You" because I was able to upgrade my Windows XP to Vista Home Premium. Vista was looking for that particular controller driver.

I called the motherboard manufacturer, technical support, and I searched the internet. Some said that no way I can upgrade my computer OS. I know that the latest driver is the only solution.

It's a job well done for you guys and you deserve it!!



   reny@71.225.x.x / April 5th 19:13:35
    I misplaced my Compaq IJ600 Install CD during a remodling project and when I tried to print a much needed form I was told the drivers had not yet been installed. I paniked. Then, I turned to DriverGuide. I downloaded the appropriate driver and my printer worked perfectly. Since then, the Compaq Install CD has been located and put in a safe place, but I am thankful to DriverGuide for saving the day.
   frien@64.24.x.x / March 30th 07:11:08
   anonymous@76.21.x.x / March 27th 16:58:45
    Your site provided me with all the information needed to download the belkin driver and it was in plain English. Very nice to do business with you.
   bomar_@196.40.x.x / March 16th 08:59:34
    i have been using driver guide for almost 8 years exclusively of any other service, i have been more than pleased with the drivers ive recieved. the site is easy to use and ive never been dissapointed.
however i am dissapointed now.
after searching for a crappy little driver that is needed for a function of my comp, im told i have to upgrade my account
keep this stupid site
you cannot tell me you dont get enuf ad generated income to keep this thing afloat
rest assured i will be spreading this to all my friends
c larson

   chefchuck6@68.186.x.x / March 10th 21:07:47
    Having been given a scanner by a member of my family without any software (cos' he had lost it) it was GREAT to be able to download the appropriate driver - and for FREE - and everything is up and working. Thank you

   anonymous@86.129.x.x / March 10th 12:57:15
    I had a good experience with you I will recommend you to everybody
   retired156@65.182.x.x / March 5th 12:26:31
    Thank you for letting me use your site and products free, other sites tried to charge me 29.95 yearly for the basic help I needed. Thank you.
   andrew26@66.169.x.x / March 2nd 13:53:30
    This site is my one stop place for drivers!!!

I loved this site.

   ethereal_damascu@203.177.x.x / February 27th 06:21:20
    excellent drivers thank you
   maryfred@24.87.x.x / February 14th 09:19:45
    Many times, most of my friends had discontinued parts in their computers and thanks to Driverguide I allways found what I need.

Course, in the other hand, when I need drivers for recently devices, I also found them here.

Thanks Driverguide.

   danilozapan@200.87.x.x / February 9th 08:02:43
    Excelent Site!
Very easy to use.
Keep on with the good work!

   anonymous@201.229.x.x / February 6th 18:23:23
    I am glad you are available for everybody especially who are having problems with drivers. thank you som much.
   ajper@125.212.x.x / February 4th 22:03:00
    The best site for drivers on the site, even better than the site prsented by the actual manufactuers. Help me resolve a few days of headache.

Thank you,

   anonymous@71.71.x.x / January 23rd 19:54:54
    This site makes life much easier. Whenever I need a driver, I know that your site will have it. It's easy to find what I'm looking for, and I like that people can provide feedback about the drivers and how they function.
   lizajoke@66.85.x.x / January 22nd 09:13:57
    You guys are the best!

There is no other way to put it. Every single time I need a driver, I find it in your site. For the past 5 years you have been my only source of hard to find drivers.

Keep it up.

Tony Malvarez
Caracas, Venezuela

   sistema@201.222.x.x / January 12th 13:18:11
    Thank you for rare drivers which I couldn't find at manufacturers' official sites. Hello from Russia
   moosefarme@212.74.x.x / January 12th 05:41:46
    The DriverGuide site is top-rated when it comes to usefulness. You guys are responsible for a well-structured site with an easy-to-go search engine and fast download speed - without mentioning it's all FREE! FREEEEEE!!! ;D

Congratulations and keep up the good work!
Roberto, from Brazil.

   mr_midnigh@66.249.x.x / December 22nd 19:36:57
    Hi DruiverGuide-Team,

congratulations for your very goog driver database!

I´ve been searching for graphics-adapter and modem-drivers for a notebook of HP (HP OnmiBook XE3 GC)after upgrading from Win98 to Win2000 for more than 6 hours(!) in the www. Neither the manufacturer of the notebook Hewlett-Packard nor the manufacturer of the graphics card S3 gives support for these drivers - or answered my emails. Only your database has a complete installation-kit for Win2000 drivers for this notebook.

Have many thanks

With kind regards from germany

Harry Bernhardt

HB IT-Support
Schwalbenweg 26
D-31582 Nienburg/Weser

   anmeldun@84.131.x.x / December 6th 04:54:27
    Sempre recorro a este site maravilhoso. Acho tudo que preciso para resolver meus trabalhos em outros computadores.
Estão de parabéns...simplesmente o Melhor!

Emilio Passos

   milinho_shirlinh@201.42.x.x / November 6th 11:59:23
    This site sucks????? Are you crazy????? This is the best usable site i have ever seen. PLEASE continue doing this wonderfull job! I had some difficulties in the beginning getting a working log-in and password, but it was all solved very quickly. From then? Nothing but compliments for your team!!! Thank you for all that you do! I know my English is very bad, but you can't have all.

Gr. Hans. (Netherlands)

   hanslange@62.166.x.x / October 28th 04:50:29
    hiiiiiiii, the first thing i wanna say is that I LOVE DRIVERGUIDE.COM.. it's the best.
i first came 2 this website by chance ( searching google hopelessly ) to find a driver to my modem which even in the manufacturer site i couldn't find.
but when i signed in ( as a free membership, thank u staff for this cuz i live in syria and it's kinda hard to rigister from there ) i found the driver that i've been looking for ... and i enjoyed every hour downloading it ( 13MB ) hehehehe cuz my connection suck :P ...
final word thaaaxxxxxxx u driverguide ur a saver ..
keep up the excellent work :)

   mhz200@88.86.x.x / October 25th 08:13:43
    hi..i have found this site extremely useful ..i couldnt findthe drivers for my printer elsewhere and this site was the only one with the download!!
an excellent site!completely authentic!10 out of 10.

   rahul_capricorn8@125.23.x.x / October 24th 08:23:42
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